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Guide to Students

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Application Procedures

Eligible undergraduate students interested in participating in the Summer Internship Programme (“SIP”) should complete an online Application Portal and upload a curriculum vitae (“CV”) and additional supporting documents required by Participating Employers (“PE”s)  Internships cannot and will not commence unless the HKSI Institute has completed the verification process with respect to the students concerned. Specifically, HKSI Institute will check the eligibility of selected students against the original documents provided by the student interns. All verification should be done and confirmed by HKSI Institute prior to the commencement of internship. Any internship without confirmation from HKSI Institute will not be eligible for SIP subsidy under the WAM Pilot Programme.


Students should familiarise themselves with the information on Internship Positions and think carefully the type of exposure they wish to acquire before deciding on which position(s) to apply, giving due consideration to the time/effort that they are able to commit before deciding how many internship positions offered by the Participating Employers (“PEs”) to take up in the end.

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Summer Internship Programme 2020 Timetable

Key Dates/Milestone Activities

Key Actions

Mid-February 2020

Student Application Round

3 March – 24 March 2020

PE Selection Round

From 3 March 2020

  • PEs to determine the Selection Process (Screening / Shortlisting / Assessment) and timetable that best fit their own schedules
  • PEs to report the intended list of offers to HKSI Institute before extending job offers

Offer/Appointment Process

On or before end of May 2020

  • PEs to determine the Offer and Appointment Process that best fit their own schedules
  • PEs to report Final Acceptance List to HKSI Institute

Verification Process and student briefing

From May 2020

  • Eligibility verification cum Student Readiness Briefing will be conducted as soon as practicable by HKSI Institute upon receipt of the Final Acceptance List sent by respective PEs
  • HKSI Institute to confirm eligibility of Student Interns prior to the commencement of internship

From May 2020

  • Readiness Briefing for Employers (conducted by HKSI Institute)
  • Confirm Mentors to HKSI Institute (no later than internship commencement dates of Student Interns)

May to August 2020

  • Internship period
  • Student Intern to submit evaluation form on internship experience and the overall SIP
  • PEs to manage, coach and mentor the student interns
  • HKSI Institute to make workplace visits
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For more details on this programme, please refer to :

Summer Internship Programme : Guide for Students