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Application for Reimbursement

1. Application procedures

Please read the instructions below carefully before starting off the application process.

Step 1: Complete and submit online application form

In view of the possible congestion of network traffic, please avoid last minute submission of online application in order not to miss the deadline. Late submission will not be considered.

  1. Information required
    Before making the start of online application, please prepare the following documents and information:
    • a. applicant’s Hong Kong identity card;
    • b. applicant’s bank account number (name of the account holder must be identical to the applicant's name provided);
    • c. official receipt of course fee paid by the applicant, with the following details:
      • i. name of applicant
      • ii. course provider
      • iii. course name
      • iv. course fee
      • v. course code (optional)
    • d. attendance certificate with course commencement and end date; and
    • e. email and telephone number of the contact person of the Human Resources Department of the applicant’s employer.
  2. Required items
    • a. Chrome/Internet Explorer 10 or above
    • b. Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • c. Printer (for printing the completed application form)
  3. Online application procedures
    • a. Please read the Notes for applicants carefully and accept the terms if no disputes.
    • b. Please complete the application process within 30 minutes; otherwise the system will automatically logout without saving all details inputted by the applicant.
    • c. Please fill in all necessary details including:
      • i. personal particulars
      • ii. course information
        (Note: The course will be removed from the pulldown menu after the application deadline.)
      • iii. employment information
        (Note: Please fill in the details of the last employer if you are a financial licensee in between jobs on the course commencement date.)
    • d. After the applicant has submitted the online application, the system will issue an application number instantly (which will be displayed on the screen) and send a confirmation email to the applicant’s email account. Please record this application number for future enquiries.
    • e. Please download and print the completed application form and duly sign the Declaration (Section C) & the Deed of Undertaking (Annex A).
      (Note: The password will be a combination of the applicant’s birthday and the system-generated application number.)
    • f. Please download and print the Form to be endorsed by the employer for certification (if applicable).
      (Note: This is not required if the applicant is a financial licensee in between jobs or if the applicant’s employer will issue its own company letter.)
    • g. Applicants can edit the information in relation to the application online directly where required. A notification email will be sent to the applicant’s email account and to the mailbox of as a proof of amendments made.
      (Note: The applicant will not be able to amend the application if the application status is changed to “Pending clarification” or “Application form and all supporting documents received”.)

Step 2: Submit application documents by mail ^ or in person to HKSI Institute

The applicant should submit the duly signed application form and the FIVE classes of supporting documents by mail or in person to the HKSI Institute's office within FOUR months from the last day of the course attended.

^ For proper delivery of your mail items to the HKSI Institute, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage with return address before posting. The HKSI Institute will not accept underpaid mail items , which will be returned to the sender (with return address) or disposed of (without return address) by the Hongkong post. The HKSI Institute will NOT be responsible for any mail items that are lost in post.

Step 3: View application status

  1. The applicant may track the application status online via
  2. The application status will be one of the following:

    Application status
    Online form submitted
    Application form received
    Pending clarification
    Application form and all supporting documents received
    Documents review completed
    Approved - Ready for payment
    Reimbursement paid