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Guide to Applicants

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Applications should only be made by individuals. Applications from companies or organisations will not be accepted. For each application,

  1. the applicant must be:
    1. a Hong Kong resident and lawfully employable in Hong Kong; and
    2. a full-time in-service practitioner, who is not required to be working in the field of asset and wealth management,  on the commencement date of the course concerned, employed under:
      1. a financial institution licensed with or registered by the Securities and Futures Commission under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571) or the Hong Kong Monetary Authority under the Banking Ordinance (Cap. 155); or
      2. an insurer authorised under the Insurance Companies Ordinance (Cap. 41), or an insurance intermediary registered with or authorised by the Insurance Agents Registration Board, Professional Insurance Brokers Association or Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers; or
      3. a trust company registered under Part 8 of the Trustee Ordinance (Cap. 29).
  2. the applicant has completed one of the reimbursable courses on or after 1 October, 2016, and has been certified by the course provider (i.e. the HKSI Institute and/or The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers) that he/she has completed the relevant course to their satisfaction; and
  3. the applicant must not be a recipient of any other form of subsidy or financial assistance for the relevant courses from any publicly-funded schemes and/or the applicant’s employer.
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Reimbursement of course fees

Each successful applicant will be reimbursed 80% of their course fees, subject to a maximum of $7,000 (whichever is the lower) for the reimbursable course(s) within the 3-year period of the Scheme.


Only the fees for enrolling in the reimbursable course(s) can be reimbursed.


Any other charges, such as registration fees, administration fees, examination fees, late charges and change of course charges are not eligible for reimbursement.


Applicants should note that:

  1. the fee of each course can only be reimbursed once.  Duplicated applications will be not be considered or accepted; and
  2. applicants may apply for reimbursement for more than one course, subject to a maximum of $7,000 per individual or 80% of the course fees (whichever is the lower) within the 3-year period of the Scheme.


All applications for reimbursement will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis, until funding for the Scheme has been expended.

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Application deadline

The duly signed and completed online application form with all other 5 supporting documents must be submitted to the HKSI Institute office within FOUR months from the last day of the course attended.


The date of receipt of the completed application form together with all required documents as stated in <<Procedures for application>> by the HKSI Institute will be taken as the date of application.


Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.


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Procedures for application

The applicant must:

  1. complete the online^ application form to generate the application number, print out and sign the completed form;

    ^ Applicants may also apply by downloading, printing and submitting a paper application form.
    The applicant must come in person to the HKSI Institute office to submit the paper application form together with the abovementioned FIVE documents.
    Submission of the paper application form and the five documents by mail will NOT be accepted.
    For details on the application procedures with respect to the paper application form, please refer to the ‘Application Procedures’ section of the form.
  2. prepare the FIVE documents listed below:
    1. a copy of the applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card;
    2. a copy of the certificate issued by the course provider certifying that the applicant has completed the course to the satisfaction of the provider;
    3. the original receipt of the course fee payment issued by the course provider (with name of applicant, course name attended and course date);
    4. a copy of the front page of the bank passbook or statement of the bank account to which the reimbursement will be credited. The document should show the applicant’s name, account number and bank name/ bank code (name of the account holder must be exactly the same as the name on the applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card); and
    5. an original letter issued by or a specified form (‘’Form’’) endorsed by the applicant’s employer certifying that:
      1. on the commencement date of the course concerned, the applicant is in full-time employment with a specified entity; and
      2. the applicant has not received any form of subsidy or financial assistance for the fees of the relevant course(s) from the employer. 

        The letter or the Form should be duly signed by an authorized signatory and stamped with the company chop of the applicant’s employer

        *Please note: you only need to submit either the company letter or the Form

        The Form with pre-filled data input by the applicant will be sent to the applicant automatically by email through the online application system
        A sample company letter can be downloaded here.

        Sample company letter
  3. submit the duly signed application form and the FIVE documents listed above by mail^ or in person to the HKSI Institute office.



  • Applicants may be required to verify the information submitted and to provide additional information necessary for processing the applications further.
  • All documents submitted for the application (including the supporting documents) are not returnable. Applicants are advised to retain copies of the same for their own reference.
  • ^ Please note that the HKSI Institute will not accept letters with insufficient postage. Mail items addressed to the Institute without sufficient postage may be returned by Hongkong Post to the sender, who will be charged with the deficiency plus a surcharge. Mail items without a return address will be disposed of by Hongkong Post in accordance with their established procedures for handling undeliverable mail. Where the HKSI Institute pays the surcharge on any mail items on behalf of the sender, the Institute may request the sender to repay the surcharge before processing his/her application.
    For proper delivery of your application documents to the HKSI Institute, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage before posting.
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Payment Method

Payment will be made to the successful applicant by direct credit to the local bank account nominated by the applicant. The name of the account holder must be exactly the same as the name shown on the applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card.


Credit card accounts, fixed deposit accounts or foreign currency deposit accounts are not acceptable for reimbursement.