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Application for Reimbursement

1. Application procedures

Please read the instructions below carefully before submitting the application form.

Step 1: Complete and submit online application form

* To avoid network congestion, please submit an online application as soon as possible.

  1. Information required
    Before you begin the online application, please make sure you have the following information available.
    • a. Hong Kong Identity Card
    • b. Bank account number (Name of the account holder must be identical to the name shown on the applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card)
    • c. Course fee receipt showing the:
      • i. course provider
      • ii. course name
      • iii. course amount
      • iv. name of applicant
    • d. Course certificate showing course start and end date
    • e. Email / telephone number of the responsible personnel of your company
  2. System requirement
    • a. Chrome/Internet Explorer 11 or above
    • b. Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • c. Printer (or available at later stage for printout)
  3. Online application procedures
    • a. Please complete and submit the application form within 30 minutes.
      The system will automatically logout and data will be cleared after 30 minutes.
    • b. The system might take 20-30 seconds for data upload. Please be patient during submission.
    • c. You should print the completed application form for completion of Step 2 below. A confirmation email with the completed online application form will be sent to the applicant's email account for further action.
    • d. Please take note of the application number after the application form has been submitted for future reference.

Step 2: Submit application documents by mail ^ or in person to HKSI Institute

You should submit the duly signed completed application form and the five classes of supporting documents (refer to “Application procedures” under Guide to Applicants) by mail or in person to the HKSI Institute office at 5/F, Wing On Center, 111 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.

^ Please note that the HKSI Institute will not accept applications with insufficient postage. Mail items addressed to the Institute without sufficient postage may either be returned to the sender or disposed of by Hongkong Post. The HKSI Institute does NOT bear any responsibility for any mail lost in transit.

Step 3: Review application results

  1. Payment will be made directly to the successful applicant by direct credit to the bank account specified in approximately 8 weeks from the date of receipt of the hard copy of application forms, subject to complete and satisfactory supporting documents being provided.
  2. You may inquire about the application status online via