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Guide to Conference Subsidy Application

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The eligibility requirements for the conference subsidy is as follows:


  1. the conference organiser (i.e. the applicant) must be non-profit making and an recognised professional body / higher education institution / eligible training provider in Hong Kong;
  2. the conference must be held physically in Hong Kong (any conferences targeting clients and/or internal staff, and all virtual conferences will not be accepted);
  3. at least 50% of the conference content must be related to asset and wealth management sector;and
  4. the conference must not be wholly or partly subsidised by any public funding sources, and must not form part of a Government-funded programme.
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Application period

There will be two intakes every fiscal year until the end of the Pilot Programme on 31 March 2023 and each organiser can ONLY apply for subsidy for one conference each fiscal year.


Please find the application timeline as follows:


Date of ConferenceIntake

From 1 July to

31 December

1st intake: From 1 April to 31 May (will be closed at 17:30 HKT)

From 1 January to

30 June

2nd intake: From 1 September to 31 October (will be closed at 17:30 HKT)


(Note: If the end date of the application period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next working day.)


Applications received after the deadline will not be considered except for exceptional circumstances with justified grounds. However, under no circumstances would an application submitted in less than 8 weeks prior to the conference date be accepted.


HKSI Institute will notify the applicant of the application status in approximately 4 weeks upon receipt of all the necessary documents.

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Amount of conference subsidy

The amount of subsidy to be provided will depend on the scale of the conference.


Expected number of attendeesSubsidy amountActual number of attendees
100 or belowHK$150,000must be more than 80% of the expected number
more than 100 HK$250,000

must be no less than 101 attendees

AND more than 80% of the expected number

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Application procedures

Please note that applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability of funding under the Scheme. No fees will be charged for applications.


The application procedures are as follows:


  1. Each applicant is required to provide the following documents and information for vetting:

    a) The duly completed application form (the application form can be downloaded here),
    b) Conference agenda or programme,
    c) Curriculum vitae or profile of speaker(s); and
    d) Publicity materials (if any).

  2. The duly completed application form together with other requirement documents and information should be submitted to the HKSI Institute:

    a) by email to: OR

    b) by post* / in person to:
    Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute
    17/F, Cambridge House, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
    (Attn: WAM Pilot Programme Implementation Team)

    * For proper delivery of your mail items to the HKSI Institute, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage with return address before posting.
    The HKSI Institute will not accept underpaid mail items, which will be returned to the sender (with return address) or disposed of (without return address) by Hongkong Post.
    The HKSI Institute will NOT be responsible for any mail item lost in post.
      1. When completing the application form, the applicant shall

    1. complete all sections of the application form, in either English or Chinese;
    2. provide all the required background information of the proposed conference organiser and the conference in Sections A and B;
    3. provide the background information of its partnering institution, if any;
    4. provide details of the proposal in Section C, including
      1. how the conference subsidy would help achieve the objectives of the proposed conference and how the subsidy will be used;
      2. the total expected gross revenue (including sponsorship) to be raised and the expected expenditures to be incurred for the proposed conference;
      3. details of a control and monitoring mechanism on the subsidy usage, attendance monitoring, and quantitative evaluation on the quality and effectiveness of the proposed conference;
    5. nominate an event owner, who will be the authorised person of the applicant to sign the declaration in the application form; and
    6. assign at least one coordinator as the contact point for administrative and operational matters. The coordinator(s) should be a staff member of the applicant.

If an application has been previously rejected, the applicant shall NOT re-submit any application in respect of the same proposed conference in future intakes under the Scheme unless there are significant changes made to the proposed conference.

If the applicant wishes to withdraw the application submitted, please inform the HKSI Institute in writing before the conference is held.

In the presence of any disputes, the parties agree to be bound to the exclusive jurisdication of Hong Kong courts.

If the application is successful, the applicant is required to


  1. show the logo of the WAM Pilot Programme in a noticeable spot at the conference venue and include the logo in all printed publicity materials;
  2. provide a draft write up to the HKSI Institute for approval if the WAM Pilot Programme and/or the Government will be referenced in any publicity materials or press release;
  3. allow the HKSI Institute and the Government to perform inspection checks during the conference; and
  4. retain all the books and records in relation to the conference, such as the registration and attendance record, returned evaluation forms and financial records for audit / review conducted by the HKSI Institute and/or the Government.
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Vetting procedures

  1. Upon receipt of the application, the HKSI Institute will conduct vet the information and documents provided and may seek clarifications or supplementary information from the applicant if needed. Failure to provide the information so requested within the given timeframe will be deemed as withdrawal of the application.
  2. The HKSI Institute may conduct an interview with the applicant in the form of a phone conversation or a physical meeting where necessary.
  3. The HKSI Institute seek advice from experts, professionals, experienced practitioners and/or academics in respect of the application where appropriate.
  4. The following assessment criteria will be used to assess whether the application fulfils the objectives of the Scheme:
    1. the relevance of the proposed conference to the asset and wealth management sector;
    2. the measurable achievements of the proposed conference;
    3. the effectiveness of the proposed use of subsidy;
    4. the control and monitoring mechanism; and
    5. the qualification of the applicant.
  5. The Government will consider and approve the application based on the recommendation of the HKSI Institute.

    The HKSI Institute will inform the applicant of the application result within 10 working days upon receipt of all necessary information and documents in writing via email or post. In case of disputes, the Government’s decision shall be final.



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Payment of subsidy

The applicant shall conduct the conference in accordance with the details as approved in the application. After completion of the conference with the requisite of a satisfactory assessment (which will be conducted by the HKSI Institute based on the actual attendance, overall evaluation from the participants, the result of the inspection check during the conference, and a document check, if necessary), the subsidy will be disbursed to the applicant in the form of a paper cheque in no later than four weeks.


The cheque will be sent via local postal service or by courier to the address of the specified event owner as per Annex 1 – Contact Details and made to the attention of the specified event owner.


The subsidy may not be disbursed in full amount to the applicant if the outcome of the conference does NOT fulfil all the agreed terms as detailed in the approved application based on the assessment result.