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Internship Application

1. Application Procedures

Applications by eligible students to participate in the “Summer Internship Programme (SIP) 2019 – Asset and Wealth Management Sector” are open from 14 January 2019 to 27 January 2019. Interested applicants are invited to find out details of the internship positions which are posted at

Step 1: Ascertaining eligibility to participate in the SIP

  • Students fulfilling the following conditions are eligible to apply for the internship positions :
    • a. permanent residents¹ of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    • b. lawfully employable in Hong Kong
    • c. non-final year full-time undergraduate students of the eight University Grants Committee (“UGC”) funded universities listed below :
    • City University of Hong Kong;
    • Hong Kong Baptist University;
    • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;
    • Lingnan University;
    • The Chinese University of Hong Kong;
    • The Education University of Hong Kong;
    • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and
    • The University of Hong Kong;

  • ¹A permanent resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a person possessing a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card (“Card”) bearing the words “the holder of the card has the right of abode in Hong Kong” at the back of the Card.

Step 2: Preparation prior to submitting on-line application

  1. Please familiarize yourself with the SIP by reading the Summer Internship Programme – Guide for Students
  2. As you can apply for as many internship positions available as you wish, you are strongly advised to take due consideration of the time/energy that could be afforded for preparing yourself for various selection assessments before deciding whether to submit applications for all the internship positions available in SIP 2019. Please visit for details of the internship position(s).

    If you have already completed summer internships as student interns of either SIP 2017 or SIP 2018, provided that you have fulfilled the eligibility conditions, are also welcome to apply for any internship positions of SIP 2019. Though the condition of different job categories is no longer applicable in SIP 2019, it would be beneficial for you to consider internship positions which are different from your previous placements in terms of job categories and/or PEs.
  3. System Requirements
    • a. Chrome/Internet Explorer 11 or above
    • b. Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • c. Printer (or available at later stage for printout)
  4. On-line Application Form (Form)
    • a. You must complete all sections, please have the required information ready to complete the Form
      • i. Personal Information
        • Name in English and Chinese as printed in the HKID card
        • Symbol as shown on the HKID card
        • Date of Birth
        • Gender
        • Contact telephone (mobile number for contact within Hong Kong)
        • Alternate contact telephone (other land line or mobile number if you cannot be contacted via the Contact telephone)
        • Contact email – (must be the email assigned by your university)
      • ii. Academic Information
        • University
        • Faculty/College/School/Academy
        • Degree Award Type
        • Year of Study
        • Other Supplementary Information (eg. Major, Concentration, Minor etc.)
        • Latest Achieved Average Academic Grade (GPA)
      • iii. Internship Application
        • Internship Positions chosen to apply (the respective reference numbers)
        • Earliest Start Date
        • Latest End Date
        • Consent and preference (if any) for further forwarding of applications to other participating employers of SIP
    • b. You are required to upload the following documents: (please have these prepared in advance)
      • i. Curriculum Vitae/resume which is to be saved with filename as surname_firstname(cv) in PDF format.
      • ii. Maximum file size of the file surname_firstname(cv) should not exceed 3 MB
  5. On-line Application Procedures
    • a. Please complete the Form and submit the application (including upload of the documents required as stated in paragraph 4b) within 30 minutes. The system will automatically logout and data will be cleared after 30 minutes.
    • b. The system might take 20-30 seconds for data upload. Please be patient during submission
    • c. An acknowledgment email will be sent to your email account confirming the receipt of your application. It will then be forwarded to the respective participating Employers of the SIP in accordance with your choice(s). If you have indicated your consent or preference, we may also forward your application to other participating Employers in the event that there are unmatched internship positions.
    • d. Please take note of the system-generated student application numbers (in the form of S19-xxxxx-x) as stated in the acknowledgement responses sent to your contact emails for future reference. You should quote your student application number for communication should there arise the need to request assistance from the Implementation Team to follow up with your application.